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Good day, readers!

  Thank you for looking at this page, in which I will tell you a little about myself. My name is Vladimir Plaksa.

     Childhood and adolescence.

  I was born in the ancient city of  Bryansk..

gorod-bryansk   The surname Plaksa originates from the village of Kartsevichi in the Nesvizh district of the Minsk region of the Republic of Belarus.



  I did not go to kindergarten, my grandmother Pelageya Prokofievna raised me


Bright memory to her.
Schooling began in 1979


and lasted until 1989. I studied well the stars from the sky were not enough, so 3, 4, 5, anything happened.
He loved physics very much, but our class teacher, a physics teacher, died in an accident, and my interest in the subject dried up. I finished 10 classes, I was tired of studying, no one insisted, did not persuade, did not force me to go to college, I myself did not know what I wanted, so I could not decide.
If my classmates respond, I’ll be glad.

I went to the factory, studied at the factory as a turner. Soon they were sent from the military registration and enlistment office to study at DOSAAF as a driver. Trained for category C – auto crane operator.

  Drafted in December 1990 into the Soviet army

armiya He rose to the rank of foreman.

    Greetings to all colleagues. I hope they remember with a kind word. After a little rest from one service, I went to another. The time was dashing 90: either to the police or to the bandits.



During this time he got married and a son was born.

Further, a very black streak in life began …
But I’m not giving up. Never give up.

Never give up! Everything will work out



    That’s all for today. Thanks for your attention.Meet me in the next post. Kissed, hugged, cried!

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