Afterword ‘There is a new user in wordpress.’

Новый пользователь в wordpress

     Afterword. Hello dear readers! A month has passed since the appearance of uninvited users on my site.

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After all the actions described in the article: «New user at wordpress»

and installing plugins without my permission, new users do not appear. Everything is fine, everything works, only Yandex Webmaster found an error in the robots.txt file when diagnosing the site, which he did according to the article «Installing, configuring Blackhole for Bad Bots».


Did this: deleted one line User-agent: * it was like this:

that’s what happened:



Changed the robots.txt file with the corrected file in the site’s file system. Now there is no mistake, Yandex does not swear. Things are good!  ” I fixed the article ‘Installing, configuring Blackhole for Bad Bots’.» . Всё просто и доступно. Всем счастья, успехов, здоровья! Likes, links, tweets and comments are welcome.


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