Creation of a website, a blog is a creative dead end.

Создание сайта блога- творческий тупик.



   Hello dear readers! Creative dead end in my head. I cooked up the site, it was interesting to make based on the course materials, I did it quickly, and why I still didn’t understand, I did it for the sake of the very process of creating a site, a blog, just as quickly I wanted to fill it with material. Filled it up in a hurry, quickly. It turned out poorly, to put it mildly. Conclusion: a continuous marriage, there are no good articles, there is no design, the blog has no purpose, I quickly stuffed ads wherever possible. He thought better of it in time and swept everything into the trash can, left only one to be. I don’t know what to do.
     I sit, think, reflect, scratching my turnips, no ideas. What to do? If you have any ideas, please, HELP! Friends, who will go the same way as me, before spending money on buying a domain and paying for hosting, come up with a goal, decide what you will do with the site when you create it.
    But when you come up with a goal, only then create a site for your goal. A website, a blog for a website, a blog is a dead end!

    That’s all for today. Thanks for your attention.Meet me in the next post. Kissed, hugged, cried!

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