DIY concrete tiles.

DIY concrete tiles

DIY concrete tiles. Hello dear readers!

Today I will tell you how to make a concrete tile with your own hands without a purchased form.

For this we need:

Penofol with a thickness of 10 mm – 12 mm is sold in the form of a sheet in a rollDIY concrete tiles

Long nails or pieces of wireDIY concrete tiles

Sand, cement, gravel or screenings

DIY concrete tiles

Preparing the place where I will fill concrete tiles, I remove the top layer of the earth, make a sand bed, ram, spill water. I cut penofol into strips 100 mm wide of any length,

DIY concrete tiles  further creative work lies ahead. I expose penofol, securing with wire or nails on both sides.

DIY concrete tiles This is where the creativity consists of arranging penofol beautifully as you like (it will turn out not like everyone else, but individually).расставляю

Now I knead the concrete and pour it carefully so as not to fill up the penofol, level it, look carefully: the adjacent tiles should be of the same height. When the concrete sets slightly, I spray it with a solution.ferrous sulfate (about 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water, the more vitriol, the darker the color) from a sprayer.

DIY concrete tiles

I get a nice brown color. I’m waiting for about 12 more hours (the main thing here is not to overexpose, otherwise the penofol will stick tightly, you will have to tear it out with meat).

Gently grab the tip and slightly stretch the penofol, remove it from the concrete.

извлекаюDIY concrete tiles

Do-it-yourself concrete tiles are ready.

After 28 days after complete setting, the tile was covered with liquid glass diluted with water.

DIY concrete tiles
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Then I cover the seams with sand, if it is a path, or a cement-sand mixture, if it is a blind area. It turns out beautifully, I like it.

I made myself a blind area around the house in this way

DIY concrete tiles

blind area


walkwayDIY concrete tiles
DIY concrete tiles                                                                                                                                             That’s all ! Everything is simple and affordable. All happiness, success, health! Likes, links, tweets and comments are welcome. Have questions? Ask in the comments.

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See you!

DIY concrete tiles
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