Do it yourself psychrometer.


Psychrometer – a device for determining the relative humidity. Do it yourself psychrometer, it’s not difficult: fix two alcohol thermometers on the stand next to it.

Do it yourself psychrometer
psychrometer device

(do not use mercury thermometers, if the mercury thermometer breaks due to carelessness; mercury can be poisoned). Wrap the ball of one tightly with gauze and lower it into a container with water, the other should be dry.The relative humidity is determined from  the table


Do it yourself psychrometer
moisture table

The difference between the readings of both thermometers is an indicator of humidity. A wet bulb temperature will be lower than a dry bulb.For example, on a wet 9 * C, on a dry 12 * C, the temperature difference is 3 * C.We find in the table the intersection of the readings of the wet-bulb thermometer 9 * C and the difference between the readings of the dry and wet-thermometers 3 * C, we obtain a humidity of 65%.



Do it yourself psychrometer
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Do it yourself psychrometer

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Do it yourself psychrometer
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