‘The tale of how I made money from advertising in Yandex and Google’.

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Feedback, earnings on advertising! Hello dear readers! Today I’ll tell you how I made money from advertising on Yandex and Google.

Feedback, earnings on advertising!
Sell ​​my website wplaksa.ru.

It all started with the fact that I came across an interesting course on the Internet( review here).Feedback, earnings on advertising!

Made its website in August 2019,  first connected the advertisement to Yandex, they don’t care which site they put the ads in for a dime, then Google didn’t get more complicated with him right away, but in the end he put his advertisement.All is well. The first surprise was waiting for me in December. The pension came without a social supplement as a non-working pensioner.began to sort out, correspond with the FIU through the personal account on the website of the FIU and only at the end of January 2020 received a response by letter sent by Russian post a whole month a letter went from one end of the city to the other. It turned out that when you start working with YAN (Yandex Advertising Network) they automatically draw up a civil law contract and I began to be considered as working and I was charged extra Result: on Yandex advertising for 5 months I earned 90 rubles (there should be a homeric laugh), on Google 5 dollars (and here horse neighing), I lost almost 5,000 rubles on withdrawal of social co-payment Spent on the purchase of a domain and payment of hosting another 1919 rubles \u003d loss of 6500 rubles.And this is not the end, the contract was terminated only on February 6 and wait another two months when the letter of termination comes to the FIU (in the era of the Internet and e-government letters are sent by regular mail, miracles) (these are still losses).Feedback, earnings on advertising! Conclusion: advertising on the site is profitable only by Yandex and Google.

Feedback, earnings on advertising!

All the ads from the site down. If I place advertisements, then only directly from advertisers. Now the site exists only on my retirement and donations from generous readers.

Feedback, earnings on advertising!

Do not let the site die!

Feedback, earnings on advertising!


Feedback, earnings on advertising!

That’s all !

All happiness, success, health!

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Feedback, earnings on advertising!

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  1. By: Jamesbaf Posted: 28.04.2020

    Keep up the incredible work !! Lovin’ it!

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