Feedback on the project ‘My first blog’

Отзыв на проект «Мой первый блог»

   Hello dear readers, I want to share with you my feedback on the ‘My first blog’ project, Valery Ivanovich Burykin’s project ‘My first blog’, I probably, like many project participants, came to Valery Ivanovich from Social project ‘One Family’ my opinion about the project ‘One Family’ is extremely negative, well, I do not like when they try to make a sucker out of me. You can read more about this. on the site of Valery Ivanovich.

Reading various reviews I read about the project ‘My First Blog’. From the very beginning, everything is fair and understandable, there is a paid group, there is a free one, there are no divorces for money, the material is written in an accessible language, it is understandable even for a beginner + an explanatory video, very clearly.
00 I want to be a blogger.
01 Site domain registration
02 Site registration on hosting.

  Registrar promo code
03 Adding a second site to hosting + video.
04 Installing wordpress + video.
05 Installing theme wordpress + video.
   Moving progressively from one part to another, I already have my blog and start filling it with content and continue to study the project materials further, and only six days have passed. Thank you very much Valery Ivanovich for your project ‘My First Blog’ and for the information.

Friends before you start making your site readmy warning …

All happiness, success, health! Likes, links, tweets are welcome. See you!.

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