Free online school of Eugene Vergus.

Free online school

  How to create a website for earnings in three lessons. Create a site for passive income without experience and knowledge of the technical subtleties, everything will come with experience.

school of Eugene Vergus

   Create a website on the Internet with a unique domain, install the content management system on your own, it’s not difficult, we’ll teach you! Learn about the sources of site monetization.

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  You will understand the settings of the site management system, master SEO site optimization. Learn to create pages, posts, add images and embed links …

Eugene Vergus

  In just three classes, under the supervision of experienced practitioner trainers, you will create your own full-fledged website, set up a management system, design your design, write your first notes. Learn to add plugins to the management system, ads in the recording.



   Already in the 1st lesson you will learn about ways to monetize the site, and the most active will be able to get their first income during the educational process!


school of Eugene Vergus

Simplicity: creating sites is easy. We will show that anyone can do it, just do it together with your dreams.

Adaptability: sites on templates are initially adapted and will look good both on a smartphone and on a computer.

Convenience: forget about the scary word html code. Easily create responsive pages, convenient for the user, solving his problems and answering his questions and requests.

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You get access to video tutorials and simple homework.

Step 1. You watch the first lesson, then get access to your homework.

Step 2. Do your homework and get access to the next video lesson.

Your way to the result

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For whom is Evgeny Vergus’s school suitable?

   The training is adapted for beginners, for those who are taking their first steps on the Internet, but also useful for those who are already on the Internet like a fish in water, but have not yet begun to monetize their site and have not achieved a result.

  The training program is our professional experience presented in the format of video lessons.
Eugene Vergus School is an ideal solution for those who want to earn money on the Internet, to create their own online business, regardless of education, age and profession.

  All you need for training is a computer, Internet access. Your persistence and great desire to learn something new and interesting!


Become a member of the online school of Eugene Vergus
Become a member of the online school of Eugene Vergus

Or take a free video course by E. Vergus ‘How to make money on affiliate programs’


Or take a free video course by E. Vergus 'How to make money on affiliate programs'
Or take a free video course by E. Vergus ‘How to make money on affiliate programs’

More than 25,000 people have successfully completed this course!

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