Link ‘Read More’ I change to ‘Читать далее’ and put it where necessary

Link ‘Read More’

Link ‘Read More’ I change.I will change English to Russian. Write as you like it is not necessary ‘Read more’, dream up.

In the WordPress dashboard, I go to: AppearanceTheme editor
Link ‘Read More’ I change


On the right I choose: template-parts →file content-search.php.

Link ‘Read More’ I change

I find the text ‘Read More’ and change to ‘Читать далее’. And you write as you come up with.

To open ‘Read more’ in a new tab, add an attribute to the link target=”_blank” Something like this:

<a href=”<?php echo esc_url( get_the_permalink() ); ?>” target=”_blank” class=”button”><?php _e( ‘”Читать далее…”‘, ‘tannistha’ ); ?></a>

Link ‘Read More’ I change

Then from the right I select the file content.php I find ‘Read More’ and change to ‘Читать далее’.


After the changes, do not forget to click ‘Update file’

Link ‘Read More’ I change

go to the site and look, the button has changed and when clicked opens in a new tab.

Link ‘Read More’ I change

I didn’t like the fact that by default “Read More” is put after 55 characters, but I want to put it where I think it is necessary. I do this: In the wordpress text editor, I paste the code<!–more Read more–> – in the right place.

Link: ‘Read More’ I change

Click refresh, go to the site, refresh the page (F5), ‘Read more’ is where I need it.

Link ‘Read More’ I change

Link ‘Read More’ I change
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That’s all ! Everything is simple and affordable.

All happiness, success, health! Likes, links, tweets are welcome.

Link ‘Read More’ I change

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See you!

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Link: ‘Read More’ I change
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