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Hello dear readers!

On this page I will tell and show my work, this will be my portfolio.


ПоDrawing lessons with Sergei Andriyaka

lesson-1 ‘egg’




Sergei Andriyaka will teach you how to add volume to a simple oval, correctly determine the overlay of light and shadow, and apply pencil shading.

lesson 2 ‘garlic’



Sergey Andriyaka teaches how to draw objects with complex shapes with a pencil. Drawing garlic requires special attention – due to its unusual shape, the drawing is obtained with many shadows and cut-off lines.

lesson-3 ‘pear’



Drawing fruit with a pencil requires certain skills and abilities from novice artists. A pear is no longer a simple oval, but a shape consisting of complex lines and curves.

lesson-4 ‘book’



Drawing a book with a pencil is by no means an easy task; it requires both a competent vision of the form and correct shading.

lesson-5 ‘glass’



Sergey Andriyaka teaches how to draw glass objects with a pencil. Drawing glass objects requires observation – a large amount of glare, reflected light, shadows and penumbra makes drawing glass objects in pencil one of the most difficult lessons.

lesson-6 ‘drapery’



Sergey Andriyaka teaches how to draw draperies with a pencil. Drapery drawing is an important stage in the development of the pictorial look of novice artists. The master will teach you how to choose the right fabric for the drapery, see its depiction and materiality, determine the saturation of the shadow of convex and deep surfaces of the fabric and correctly draw the folds of soft objects.

lesson-7 ‘ladle’



Sergey Andriyaka teaches how to draw metal objects with a pencil. Drawing metal objects requires knowledge of the many artistic features of the material. The artist will teach how to correctly depict halftones, reflected light and light reflections on the surface of a metal ladle.

lesson-8 ‘peonies’



Sergey Andriyaka teaches viewers the peculiarities of the art of drawing flowers. Usually flowers are painted in color, i.e. either in oil or watercolors or use gouache. But in order to understand the laws of depicting flowers, the artist suggests first learning how to draw flowers with a pencil.



Video editing


01_Personal experience of creating a blog:


01_Личный опыт создания блога:

This is my first video for my blog: created at the free training of Alexei Radonets.

04.2_Barcelona 19

04.2_Barcelona 19

 Video made from footage of Roman Bolgarov


05_landscapes of Barcelona

05_пейзажи Барселоны

 Video made from footage of Roman Bolgarov


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