Wheat leaven bread.

Хлеб на пшеничной закваске.

Hello, friends!

  Vladimir Vladimirovich with you, today we will talk about our daily bread. I offer my bread on wheat leaven. I have been baking for several years. Delicious bread. And do not listen to the newly-minted television gurus, whose bread is unhealthy, and honey is almost poisonous. Listen to what our ancestors used to say: “bread is the head of everything”, “Bread and water are healthy food”, “As long as there is bread and water, it’s not a problem”, “There is no lunch without bread”. We always have only fresh bread. True, you have to bake at least twice a week. Delicious, therefore ends quickly.

1. I make dough

    I take the starter on duty from the refrigerator, pour it into a saucepan. I pour 300 ml into a sourdough jar. I rinse the water well and pour it into a saucepan with sourdough. I sift 11 tbsp. l. wheat flour (about 250 g)

muka-250 gr   

I mix well with a wooden spatula,lopatka


I put it in a slow cooker for 5 minutes 35 degrees so that our dough warms upmultivarka

I check for 3 hours, leave it in the multicooker – during this time the dough will bubble well, it will work.

opara2- I pour out the leaven.

    I take out the dough from the multicooker, mix well to remove carbon dioxide, pour 2 tbsp into a jar. l. dough, add 200 ml. water and 5 tbsp. l. wheat flour (about 150 g) Stir and put in the refrigerator to the very bottom until the next time.zakvaska

3- Making dough.

  I add a pinch of salt to taste, 15 g of melted butter and the white of one egg to a saucepan with dough, leave the yolk aside for now.ingredienty 

I mix everything, sift into a pan 13-15 tbsp. l. wheat flour (about 400-450 g.) I knead the dough right in the pan.testo

  I put the pan again in the multicooker for 5 minutes 35 degrees so that the dough warms up and I count from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, you need to follow the dough, otherwise it will run away.podoshlo

When the dough comes up, I put it in a baking dish (grease the dish with butter).Wheat leavened bread 

Lubricate with yolk and leave to come up again.smazanoe-zheltkom

The color is so bright because I have my chickens.

The dough came up

The wheat leavened bread is almost ready.


I bake for 1 hour at 200 degrees in a gas stove oven. I take out the bread and wrap it for about an hour so that it doesn’t dry out, after an hour the bread will cool down a little, put it in a bag and wrap it up again until it cools completely. Everything, bread is ready, flour went to 800-850 g. The loaf turned out to be over a kilogram. All proportions for a form 30 cm long. 10 cm wide. 6 cm high. If you have a different form, you will have to edit the recipe for your form. The main thing is to start, and then you will pick everything up, adapt to your form. This is my second shape, the first was round. I bought a new one, edited the recipe for a new form. Excellent bread turns out.

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Wheat leavened bread

    That’s all for today. Thanks for your attention.Meet me in the next post. Kissed, hugged, cried!

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