Paging file.

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Hello dear readers! Paging file.

If you did not create a swap file during Linux installation, you can create one after installing the operating system.

Paging file
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Paging file

 If you forgot what swap file you have, you can view the current size of the swap partition with the command:
swapon –show

   Open the terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T), enter the command: swapon –show
  &nbspIf there is no swap file, then nothing will be shown

Paging file

   If there is a paging file, it will show: physical memory -1 paging file -2

Paging file

   Or you can open the system monitor and see the swap there.
We press MENU – Administration – system monitor

Paging file

   To create a 10G swap file (change the value (10G) as you wish) run the command:

sudo fallocate -l 10G /swapfile

Paging file

   Then run the commands in sequence:

sudo chmod 600 /swapfile
sudo mkswap /swapfile
sudo swapon /swapfile

   Open System Monitor to make sure the system sees the paging file::

Paging file

   Alternatively, you can do it with the command: swapon –show

Paging file

   You can disable and delete the paging file with the command:

sudo swapoff -a

   That’s all ! Everything is simple and affordable.

   All happiness, success, health!
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Paging file
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