Reviewed plugin UpdraftPlus for wordpress.

плагин UpdraftPlus

Plugin UpdraftPlus. Hello dear readers! Faced such a problem. I broke something in the database of my site, I open the site in the morning, but it does not work.

I knew what to make a copy of the site, and what to make a copy of the database did not know, it turns out it is necessary. I began to study this issue, as a result, the site was restored, the hosting has backup copies of files and databases. I read that the archiving process can be automated using the UpdraftPlus plugin for wordpress.

 plugin UpdraftPlus      

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And it’s better to save it to a USB flash drive, you never know what happens on the server or PC. I installed, activated, configured the plugin so that the archive of files and databases would be done once a week and sent to the mail. I sit, I rejoice, everything is done automatically and there is no need to move a finger. The beauty! The next day I receive a fly in the ointment from my registrar


plugin UpdraftPlus

     The plugin has 2 million downloads, and recorded it as a virus. I’m a new person in this business, but just in case I deleted the plug-in, who knows where he files and the base is still leaking except for my mail. On the hosting, I ran a manual virus scan again. There are no viruses. I’d better make copies myself, I save the files using FileZillaFileZilla plugin UpdraftPlus
     I download the archive from the hosting.

 plugin UpdraftPlus      I save everything on a large flash drive, I have 1 Tb. Let them be stored on a separate medium. That’s all I wanted to tell you today.

   How I love your comments, do not be shy!

 plugin UpdraftPlus

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 plugin UpdraftPlus
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