I update PHP to the recommended version.

update PHP

Hello dear readers!  Today I will tell you how I update PHP. I go to the WordPress console of my site, I wanted to sketch out a draft. On the main page of the console, I see the message: ‘PHP update required’.

update PHP

     Clicked ‘Learn more about PHP update’.Read it! : update PHP
    The site will be safer and faster. A fast site gets advantages in the search engines, so you get higher rankings! A fast site retains visitors better. Visitors leave a slower site faster, a faster site is more efficient. A secure site is more protected from hacking and loss of reputation in case of hacking.  Output: need to update.
update PHP

    Made a backup of the file system and database.WordPress, themes and plugins did not need to be updated, if necessary, please update. Installed the PHP Compatibility Checker plugin to check themes and plugins for possible problems.


Set to check for compatibility with PHP 7.3 and scan all plugins and themes.
Clicked ‘scan».Check started → → check showed:

update PHP

     Block Bad Queries (BBQ) error in the plugin, I found information on the plugin developer page- this means the scanner has found a list of blocked BBQ terms. In other words, BBQ contains static lines of non-functional text to match and block malicious requests to your site. I think it’s okay, let it work, protect the site. Let’s move on to updating PHP. I have Reg.ru registrar, ISPmanager control panel.In the WWW section, I selected the ‘WWW-domains’ item.  On the page that opens, I chose the desired domain from the list (wplaksa.ru) version 5.6

update PHP

     pressed «change».

      In chapterAdditional features selected the required PHP version and confirmed the changes:

update PHP      PHP version 7.3 became.  On the main page of the console the message: ‘PHP update required’ is gone.vsyo

That’s all ! Everything is simple and affordable.

All happiness, success, health!
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update PHP
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