Xml file for a multilingual site on the Polylang plugin.

Google XML Sitemaps

   Hello friends! Today I will tell you about my xml file sitemap.xml.Who does not know Sitemap is a file with links to the pages of the site, which informs search engines about the current structure of the site.Which will help search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask.com better index your site.With such a site map, it’s much easier for scanners to see the full structure of your site and extract it more efficiently, and whoever has the problem, but there are problems with the site map and the Polylang plugin read more…

   I wanted to make my blog bilingual, translate entries into English. Installed the Polylang plugin,

plugin Polylang

but faced with such a problem … When using the All in One SEO plugin and the Polylang plugin, the sitemap.xml site map is created only in the default language (Russian), and not on English pages, which are presented in the / en / subdirectory.It would be nice if the All in One SEO plugin generated language site maps.Polylang is a pretty popular multi-language plugin, and it works great with All-One SEO for editing metadata, it would be nice if the sitemap also worked.I didn’t delete the All In One SEO Pack plugin for SEO; I like it.Disabling the block (XML sitemap) in the All In One SEO Pack plugin helped ( we go into the modules and in the block XML sitemap click Deactivate)

All In One SEO Pack
plugin All In One SEO Pack

and installed the Google XML Sitemaps plugin,

Google XML Sitemaps
plugin Google XML Sitemaps.

to create custom XML sitemaps.My settings Google XML Sitemaps ….

tuning  Google XML Sitemaps
tuning Google XML Sitemaps


 Google XML Sitemaps
plugin settings Google XML Sitemaps.


article priority
article priority


site map content
site map content


did not touch the rest.
  After installation and configuration, everything became well. The English-language entries made by the Polylang plugin appeared in the sitemap of the xml file and are indexed by Google.

Bottom line: plugin Google XML Sitemaps.

   Do not forget to add the link of your xml file to robots.txt file.
Your link will be in the settings Google XML Sitemaps here:

ссылка  Google XML Sitemaps
link Google XML Sitemaps


    That’s all for today. Thanks for your attention.Meet me in the next post. Kissed, hugged, cried!

   How I love your comments, do not be shy!


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