The muse has vanished!


Hello, friends!

For a long time I did not write anything. After the incident with the pension fund and my attempt to make money on advertising, my creative muse disappeared.

But there are pluses, during this time they started pouring concrete screed on the floor in the garage with the brother-in-law, to help us also self-isolation, we are in the garage and isolated. Life goes on. Yandex after the termination of the contract paid the money, my losses became smaller, I will not give up and there is an idea how to return advertising to the site. I’ll make an advertisement for a neighbor’s grandmother. Her pension is not minimal without social benefits. surcharges, nothing will be removed from her, this will not affect her pension in any way (a joke), but there is an idea, which I won’t tell (secret). There was still an idea to start a series of articles, but I still think about it, as soon as my muse returns I will realize. I feel she is already somewhere nearby. I hope she does not get along with the coronavirus. I told her to sit at home.

That’s all ! All happiness, success, health!
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