Wheat sourdough for bread

пшеничная закваска

Hello, friends! My recipe: Wheat sourdough for bread:I do not like when the sourdough is done using prolonged boiling, I believe that after that nothing useful remains in it. I make my sourdough like this:

I pour 200 ml of water in a 750 g can.,add 5 tbsp. l wheat flour (approximately 120 gr.), mix, put in a warm place,how to ferment feed 2 times a day morning and evening (pour half the sourdough,in the remaining pour 200 ml of water. and add flour 5 tbsp. l and sugar 1 tsp.)from cast you can fry a pancake.

Wheat sourdough
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Wheat sourdough

So I feed 5-7 days.Then knead the dough from the sourdough,I pour part and put it in the refrigerator to the very bottom until the next time, knead the dough and i bake bread.

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Wheat sourdough

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Wheat sourdough
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