WordPress protection on linux hosting. Reg.ru

WordPress protection

Hello dear readers! WordPress protection. Today I will tell you how to protect the wordpress login page of your site, I will show it using the example of hosting the reg.ru registrar on the ISPmanager control panel.

 Go to the ISPmanager panel
WordPress protection

    Go to the site directory
Select the .htaccess file, click edit →
WordPress protection
insert lines into the file if the file does not exist create it:
<Files wp-login.php>
AuthType Basic
AuthName “Private zone”
AuthUserFile path-to-root-site-folder/.htpasswd
Require valid-user
specify the path to the root folder of the site:
AuthUserFile /var/www/u1234567/data/www/sait.ru/.htpasswd
where u1234567 is your hosting login

 WordPress protection


Create a .htpasswd file Click create, file type, name .htpasswd

WordPress protection


The file will store the login and password (in hashed form).
We pass on link.

WordPress protection

Enter your username and password and click: « Create .htpasswd file»
Copy the created line and paste it into the .htpasswd file
press save and Ок.WordPress protection

 he password in the htpasswd file will be hashed. 
You need to enter the admin panel using the login and password that you came up with. Now, when you enter sait.ru/admin, a window will open for entering your username and password, and only after that the wordpress page for entering the site.

That’s all ! Everything is simple and affordable. All happiness, success, health!Likes, links, tweets are welcome.

WordPress protection
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WordPress protection

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WordPress protection
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